Crew Biographies

Rebecca Doppelt, Director Biography
Rebecca Lorenne Doppelt directed her first play at the age of 16, mounting the task of a theatre-in-the-round production starring actors three times her senior. She attended Columbia College Chicago's film school, where she directed eight shorts and participated in industry-related internships in four countries. As a student, Rebecca screened a short film at the Cannes International Film Festival in an exhibition sponsored by Kodak. After graduating, Rebecca returned to the stage to co-direct a play with Steppenwolf actor, Christian Stolte. For the past several years, Becky has been immersed in directing “Take A Bow,” a feature documentary about disabled children participating in musical theatre. Now in LA, she continues to produce and direct theatre while working in the industry as the Resource Manager at Imaginary Forces.


Annick Wolkan, Producer Biography

Annick Wolkan graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Film/Video. While at Columbia, Annick produced twelve short films, one of which, directed by Rebecca Doppelt, screened at the Cannes International Film Festival in an exhibition sponsored by Kodak. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2005, Annick has worked on films, television shows, and web content produced by CBS, Sony, Fox, and HBO, among others. Over the past year, she has produced a music video for up-and-coming artists The Honneycombs as well as two more short films.


Dan Spurgeon, writer biography

Dan Spurgeon was born a storyteller, creating dozens of wordless storybooks as a pre‐literate toddler. Besides the stacks of books provided by his academician parents, his childhood entertainment in Oklahoma consisted of endless sitcom reruns, horror classics, drive‐in movies ‐ and, thanks to the local University, obscure art films that were probably inappropriate for a kid. Naturally, this cranial mishmash of Gilligan, Frankenstein, Barbarella, and Fellini encouraged his young mind to develop a somewhat bizarre and twisted aesthetic. Gifted with a strong and natural writing talent, Dan likes nothing better than giving voices to the odd, obscure, and possibly offensive characters that dwell at the fringes of this world and beyond. He has studied screenwriting with Julie Oxendale, and playwriting with Pulitzer Prize finalist Tina Howe. In recent years, his work for stage and screen has been produced in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.